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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why should I choose you for my house clearance ?

A. We are a local family company working in partnership with local charities our association with these charities ensures that we work to the highest standards of workmanship and customer satisfaction quite simply the charities would not support us if we were a bunch of cowboys we also believe that we offer excellent value for money compared to our competitors we are also alot of fun and actually really nice people who genuinely care about each other, our business and most importantly our customers.

Q. How soon could you complete my clearance ?

A. In some cases we could start the very next day after contact is made this all depends on our current workload.

Q. Will you buy items of value and/or offset this against the cost of the clearance.

A. Yes this is always negotiable please ask our assessor when he visits

Q. Will you clear everything ?

A1. There are items which we cannot take like paint , asbestos, chemicals, poisons and some automotive liquids these need to be collected and disposed of by specialists due to the health risks and risk to the environment we would put these to one side and advise you to contact your local council about these items.

A2. We will clear everything else including cars, motorcycles, garden machinery, washing machines, cookers, fridges, carpets and curtains to name a few.

Q. What will you recycle?

A. We aim to recycle or re-use as much as possible our aim where possible is to recycle or re-use as much as 80% from every clearance.

Q. What do you do if you find something of value or something which may be of sentimental value?

A. We would put these items aside for you to look at and advise us accordingly, we would ask at the outset that if there is anything that you think we may find or that we should look out for to advise the assessor when he visits even if its just to ask if we could keep an eye out for old photographs and keep them aside for you we are only to happy to help.

Q. Will you clear the loft/garage/shed as well ?

A. Yes but only if we are asked at the outset and our assessor can get access to see what they contain otherwise they will be left  by our clearance team should these be added to a clearance on the day this may well be charged extra for.

Q. Can you clear my property at the weekend or in the evening?

A. Yes.

Q. How long does a clearance take ?

A. It depends on the size of the property and how cluttered/full it is some clearances may take a couple of hours we have had others that have taken us 5 days.

Q. I do not live in england but need a deceased relatives house cleared what do i do ?

A. Please contact us and we can discuss your requirements and make suitable arrangements we have undertaken many clearances where the customer is not in the UK this is not a problem the only requirement would be that payment would need to be paid in advance.


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Ipswich House Clearance


Ipswich House Clearance

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